1.  Low Tuition Fee

The Coolest thing to know about Federal universities is Nigeria Which is the utmost benefit of studying in federal university in Nigeria is their cheaper tuition fee  compared to state-owned universities and private owned universities in the country.  It’s Quite unbelievable that a number of  Nigeria university Returning Student Pays Below #40,000 as their Tuition Fee Which in turns Makes it One of the Reason Why Federal Universities In Nigeria Is the Most preferred higher institution of learning as compare to their counterpart,  An average Federal University in Nigeria spreading across different states in Nigeria  charges as little as 25,000 Naira tuition fees for each academic session while State Universities charge as high as 150,000 Naira. Similarly, Due to the economic Situation of the country most Nigerian who are not financial buoyant and capable could have access to quality education with a pocket-friendly budget. Federal universities are universities of first choice for most people who could not afford the exorbitant tuition fee of the state and private owned universities.

Here is a list of some of the cheapest university in Nigeria.

2. Infrastructural Facilities

One of the benefit of studying in federal universities in Nigeria is the Quality of infrastructural Facilities in federal government owned university. Federal universities are equipped with more quality infrastructure which aids learning than the state universities and private universities. The best Facilities Such as lecture theatre, lecture room, good road network within the school are found in federal universities. Though some state universities and private universities are becoming more equipped in recent time, they cannot in no wise be compared to federal university.

3.Best Lecturers

One Good thing About Federal universities in Nigeria is Having the best brain and professional set of lecturers with many years of experience to tutors you this also can be consider as benefit of studying in Federal universities in Nigeria. Prominent People in the World like Prof. Wole Soyinka, Chinua Achebe (Prof) and the likes are a lecturer in Nigerian university. One funny thing about studying In any federal universities in Nigeria is the lecturing style, intonation and pattern of different people employed by the federal government of Nigerian to lecture

4. Cultural Mosaic

It’s not a news that Most state universities tends to Favour Applicant from their State in the admission Process and payment structure, one of the benefit of studying in federal university in Nigeria is the ability of the Federal universities in Nigeria admit More student from different state without been bias about the payment structure, this in turn makes the federal universities to admit more Student With diverse cultural belief, Cultural Practice and Principle which help create a cultural Mosaic. Cultural Mosaic is the mix of ethnic groups, languages and cultures that co-exist within a society.  

5. Wider Network
another benefit of studying in federal universities in Nigeria is that the chances of been connected a wider network is high as people from different walks of life are always found studying in federal universities, Apart from different people from different state, different culture and ethnic group coming to study in federal government universities due to one reason or the  other which as been mention as benefit of studying in federal universities in Nigeria as listed above, different people from different country can be found in almost all Nigerian federal government owned higher institution of learning. So is you have been longing or interested in networking with people from different cultural background studying in any federal universities in Nigeria should be your only option as people tends to get more expose when studying in any federal universities than studying in state and public universities in Nigeria.  

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